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Online Training

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Get Quality Krav Maga Training in Chevy Chase, No Matter Where Life Takes You

Life is busy, and sometimes it takes you away from our team at Krav Maga CDK!

We understand that being stuck at home due to snow days or sickness can be difficult! It can seem impossible to stay fit and healthy. Our Online Training program means you can continue to fuel your physical activity, even when you can’t make it to our building!

Our staff will check in weekly and host video workouts and so much more! 


We Even Have 2 Convenient Options for Online Training To Ensure Your Success:


Option #1: Live Scheduled Zoom Classes- With this option, you can join in with a live group with immediate feedback and tips on form and techniques. See the schedule below for more information on classes offered and times available.


Option #2: If you have a crazy schedule and can only workout late at night or VERY early in the morning, no problem! Our pre-recorded video gallery will be the perfect option for you. You will get all of the content and training access and can use it and watch when you have the time.

Why Choose Online Training?

Sometimes, it’s impossible to maintain a consistent schedule or to make it to our location in Chevy Chase for classes. Our team at Krav Maga CDK understands that life can be complicated, but that you still deserve high-quality self defense trainingpersonalized workoutsand professional guidance.

When signing up with our program:
  • You get access to the content forever! Once you purchase the classes, you can go back and rewatch or review at any time.
  • You’ll learn how to defend yourself as you work longer and more consistency to learn the needed skill set.
  • You won’t need any equipment! You can add dumbbells, weight gloves, or a weighted vest to increase output if you’d like to.
  • You’ll receive a certification of completion once you have finished the course. This will give you two free weeks of training at a Krav Maga CDK Training Center. 

Our Online Training program gives you the opportunity to take on new challenges, while getting the same accountability and results without having to step through our doors! If your life keeps you moving or has taken you elsewhere, this program is the perfect opportunity for you to get all the benefits of traditional Krav Maga training without the location or time restrictions.

Online Training can help you:
  • Bond in a new way with like minded people
  • Enjoy physical fitness and self defense tactics in the comfort of your own home
  • Stay accountable week after week

Get Started With Online Training at Krav Maga CDK!

Online Training Schedule:

  • Krav Maga Self-Defense Monday – Friday 12:30/6:30 pm & Saturday 11 am
  • Boxing Combatives Tuesday & Thursdays at 6:30
  • Virtual Mitts Friday 7:30
  • Teen Krav Saturday 10 am
  • Beginner Virtual Krav 5:30 Monday – Friday

No matter where life takes you, our Online Training program at Krav Maga CDK gives you all the tools you need to thrive. All you have to do is fill out the form on the side of this screen, and we will set you up with all the resources you need!

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