Krav Maga CDK Reviews

Have been a member of CDK since January, tested into Level 2 in May. I couldn't part with this studio now! These folks are my family! Really top notch training, particularly from DJ Stephens, who's a gifted instructor, but DJ spent much of June in Israel upping his game, so it gave us an opportunity to get to know his assistant instructors a bit better. David, Gian, Jason, the two women who are instructors-in-training--they're all great. But all of my fellow students are great, too! I'm sparring regularly against Level 5 students, and they're all so patient and kind. It's hard core training, but everyone's so encouraging that you'll keep going.

Lara A. Ballard

I've been training Krav Maga under DJ Stephens for 3+ years. Excellent instructor, with a real gift for teaching, explaining concepts, and building people's confidence. He is a true inspiration. Confidence During Kaos! Highly recommend Krav Maga CDK to anyone interested in learning real self defense, wants to get fit, or learn a new skills. Fellow students are extremely friendly and supportive of your journey. Come check it out.

Peter Tynan

Great place to really learn how to practice realistic self defense in a safe place. DJ Stephens is a one of a kind instructor. Don’t wait to learn from the best.

Chak Ming Kei

Krav Maga CDK is yet another great location affiliated with Krav Maga Worldwide and Krav Maga Maryland. Its instructors, led by DJ Stephens, are the best you can get in the world.

Jeff Mount

Krav Maga CDK is amazing! The instructors are passionate and knowledgeable about their craft. Since I started nine months ago, I’ve learned so much about how to defend myself in real-life situations and it’s given me greater confidence in myself. On top of that, each class is an incredible workout. I highly recommend!

Erica Devine

I joined CDK about 5 months ago and it has been fantastic! I was looking for self-defense classes that were based on practicality and to make one feel more confident in stressful situations. After checking out CDK, I knew it would be perfect. The instructors are awesome, the gym is nice, and the other students are great - the little community within CDK is amazing, overall. The instructors and classmates are super helpful and incredibly supportive. I learn something new each class and I would definitely say that (as a woman) I feel more confident when going out. I would highly recommend for everyone!

Holly Skibo

DJ is an amazing teacher. I met him about a year ago. When you walk in to train you see bruce lee pictures and Ali. Those 2 pictures above looking over the teacher and students is amazing. DJ and the other instructors will dedicate their skill to you. His knowledge is great. Theres no other teacher in the DC area that compares to DJ and Dave. I miss the entire crew. I recommend to anyone that this is the place to learn krav maga.

Todd Whittington

I highly recommend CDK to anyone who are seriously trying to learn how to protect themselves. DJ and his crew do an outstanding job training their students to learn how to properly protect themselves through effective drills that are designed to be stress-inducing so students can learn to apply principles in overwhelming situations. This school also offers sparring and ground fighting classes every week where you really learn how to handle yourself in a fight.

Not only will you learn how to properly defend yourself and how to build confidence at this school, but you will also develop great relationships with other students and instructors here as well. The atmosphere of support and collectivism here is second-to-none and there is no other community like this that I have been a part of.

If you're looking for a school that will challenge you and will seriously teach you how to defend yourself, look no further than CDK.

Kevin Leiser

My wife bugged me for 6 months to try Krav Maga CDK and I'm so glad I finally gave in! It's an exhilarating workout combined with practical skills you can use to protect yourself. The teachers are terrific - the classes are interesting, vigorous and fun. The other students are friendly and supportive - there's a real sense of community at CDK.

Gigi Sohn

I love taking classes at Krav Maga CDK. All the instructors are so knowledgeable and helpful, and the classes are fantastic. It's a great workout and I am learning so much about self-defense. DJ is really dedicated to giving his students a great experience. I walk more confidently now than I ever did before.

Lauren Lipuma

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