It's finally here - our self-defense
and awareness program
for young adults ages 12 to 16


Basic Real Krav Maga Self Defense techniques
Awareness training drills
Deescalating techniques
Conditioning and fitness
Focus and concentrating drills
and more...


Every Saturday morning 10 am to 11 am


Conditioning & Fitness

Get a workout in while building your self defense knowledge, see how working out, and self defense can be seamlessly integrated.

Self Defense

Awareness training
Deescalation techniques
Self Defense techniques
Focus and concentrating drills
and more…


Confidence is Key. Without it, even a person with the most intricate self defense knowledge will fail. Confidence comes from putting that knowledge to the test, in class, on a regular basis. Come to one of our classes and see for yourself.

 About Krav Maga

Krav Maga is an Israeli close combat Self Defense system that uses instinctive movements that are easier to recall during the stress of an attack. It was started in the 1930s in Germany by Jews who were training to defend themselves against the Nazis. As the Nazis army grew to power, the creator of the system Imi Lechtenfeld deployed to Israel.

The System was soon adapted by the  IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) because of it easy to learn but extremely effective techniques and then made its way the United States and is known for being one of the most effective self defense systems to date.

Krav Maga CDK is awesome! I never finish class without feeling like I accomplished something, and I am always learning something new.

Jordan T.

The environment is great-- particularly as a woman, I really value DJ's ability to create an environment where everyone learns equally and is encouraging of one another.

K. H.

I highly recommend joining Krav Maga CDK! With DJ, not only is class fun, you get a great workout and acquire life-saving, self-defense skills as well.

Temi B.

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(240) 394-KRAV (5728)
5454 Wisconsin Avenue Barlow Building, 18th Floor, Penthouse Suite

Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Metro Directions

Get off at Friendship Heights Metro stop.
Go to the Western Avenue exit (not the Jenifer Street exit; North or front of the train if coming from the city).
Proceed up the long escalators.
When you reach the top there will be four exits. Take the second from the left exit,marked to Western Avenue. (If you go straight ahead you will also reach Wisconsin Ave, but on the other side).
In this exit, go up the stairs and as you reach the glass doors to the car park, turn right to go up the escalators/stairs to Wisconsin Avenue.
Turn left when you hit the street. If you look up now, you will see 5454 Wisconsin Ave, which is the black glass office building. You can see the gym as the two large windows at the top!
Walk up Wisconsin Avenue, past the Bank of Georgetown, cross Willard Ave, walk past JCrew, Banana Republic and the Starbucks. You’ve arrived at 5454 Wisconsin Ave! If after hours, the security guard will need to let you in.
From the lobby most elevators only go to the 17th floor – from which you then take the Exit stairs up to the gym on the 18th floor. The stairs are in the corridor on the opposite side from the plastic surgery office, and next to the radiology office around the corner. On the lobby level however, the Freight Elevator goes directly to the 18th Floor, and is the left most elevator. Buttons are up high on the left of the metal door frame.
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